About Us


We “Choudhary Computers” are known as the best Purchaser of a selective scope of different varieties of Scrap.

Computer & IT Scrap, A Old Machines And laptops Purchaser in Mumbai, Get Money For your electronic scrap And Machine/Old laptops Buyer in Mumbai.

We are enlisted purchasers of different kinds of machine and electronic scrap. We additionally buy Non Meeting expectations Machines, best case scenario Value and purchase Machine Scrap and also all different sorts of Electronic Waste. We purchase different varieties of machines waste and scrap, for example, Old Smart phone ,Scrap machines, utilized Printer -, any sort of scrap Screens, LCD Screens, scrap motherboards, Screens TFT, scrap Makers & Machine Scrap Suppliers. We additionally acknowledge gifts from Organization’s and people please visit the individual PC gifts page for more data on giving a solitary PC, screens or portable computer.

Welcome To US – Choudhary Computer has been in the matter of purchasing scrap since 2010 and has hence procured a broad aptitude in taking care of all sort of scrap, for example,

  • Old Computer Scrap
  • I T Scrap
  • Old Machinery Scrap
  • Electronics Scrap
  • Television Equipment